Over 65 Ladies County Report

Friday, October 20, 2017

A Season of lost tie-breaks.


2017 in Division 1 didn’t start well with our captain Jill Beardsall injuring herself and declaring she wouldn’t be available to play.


First up were Leicestershire, a close match but a 3-1 loss with 2 tie-breaks not going our way (could have been a 3-1 win!)


A convincing 4-0 v Dorset (no tie-breaks) cheered us up, despite the tiring journey. Thanks to our chauffeur for the day.


Middlesex were next at home. A difficult and long game in many ways. It resulted in a 1-2 score (2 lost tie-breaks) and 1 match declared void as it wasn’t finished.   The opposition would not go outside to complete the last match, citing ‘change of surface and a train departing soon!’ Despite contesting this, the overall referee and seniors committee decided it was a void rubber. (Lesson to be learnt here - write it all on the scoresheet and do not SIGN it!)


Suffolk - a joy to play this one- but a 2-2 result (1 more lost tie-break) and a loss on games.


Warwickshire (league winners) were too strong for us on their courts and in fine drizzle!


So…….we didn’t win 1 tie-break all season - even one would maybe have kept us in Division 1 next year.


Team;  Jill Shelvey (acting capt), Helen Drummond, Sue Reesby, Beryl Jones.

Sally Beeley and Ann Pullan stepped in from 70s team to play one match each - thanks to both of them.




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