West Bridgford Learning Disability Tennis Tournament 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
learning disablitlies event

West Bridgford Tennis Club in Nottingham held its 2nd Open Learning Disability Tournament over the weekend of 16th & 17th April.

The tournament was organized by the club’s Tennis Manager, Lesley Whitehead and attracted a record entry of players from across the UK. This event, played on the indoor courts at the club, provides further match play opportunities for people with a learning disability. Saturday saw the players who ranged from 11 to 50, divisioned according to their tennis ability to compete in round-robin singles boxes. Sunday saw the players teaming up to play in divisioned, round-robin doubles matches. As last year, the athletes were supported on court by a team of enthusiastic volunteers and ABTO qualified umpires. The atmosphere over the weekend was tremendous with lots of good tennis and fun being had by all athletes and their families and carers. At the end of Sundays play, Andy McFeeters, the Tennis Development Manager for the LTA in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, presented the athletes with their medals and certificates. After the awards ceremony Andy McFeeters thanked everyone involved and said “Congratulations on an excellent event – I really enjoyed it. I know how committed Lesley is to the athletes and I am obviously aware of some of the international successes she has had, but it was great to see an event like this first hand to understand just how much the athletes get out of it.”



Women 1
1  Zara Jurenko (East Mids)
2   Laura Campbell (Yorks & Humberside)
3   Lauren Waddell (Borders)
4   Sarah Simpson (East)                                   

Women 2
1   Amy Cook (Yorks & Humberside)
2   Lucy Porteous (Borders) 
3   Laura Wells (Yorks & Humberside)
4   Katherine Ashcroft (East Mids)
5    Emma Lindsay (Yorks & Humberside)

Men 1                                             
1  Peter Millar  (North West)
2  Shain Lewis (S. Wales)                
3  Alistair Daniels (Grampian)

Men 2                                              
1  Michael Clarke (East Mids)
2  Joseph Eccles (East Mids)          
3  Alex Eustace (East Mids)            
4  Stephen Davies (N. Wales)                                                                             

Men 3
1  Peter Norton (East Mids)
2  Luke East (East Mids)
3  Darren Hambly (N. Wales)
4  Robert Wright (South)

 Men 4
1   Steven Uttley (East Mids)
2   Leigh Foster (East Mids)
3   Damon Hughes (N. Wales)
4   Martin Grice (N. Wales)

 Men 5
1  William Haynes (East Mids)
2   Christopher Burke (N. Wales)
3   Stephen Parry (N. Wales)
4   Matthew Wreglesworth (Yorks & Humberside)

 Men 6
1  Jake Vicars (Yorks & Humberside)
2  Cameron Long (Yorks & Humberside)
3  Steven Harries (N. Wales)

 Men 7
1  Lewis Brown (Yorks & Humberside)
2  Charlie Pickering (Yorks & Humberside)
3  Anthony Aisher (N. Wales)


1   Katherine Ashcroft/Zara Jurenko
2   Lucy Porteous/Lauren Waddell
3   Laura Campbell/Sarah Simpson
4   Amy Cook/Emma Lindsay

Men 1                                              
1  Alistair Daniels/Peter Millar         
2  Michael Clarke/Shain Lewis          
3  Joseph Eccles/Alex Eustace           
4  Peter Norton/mainstream partner  

Men 2
1  Luke East / Steven Uttley
2  Darren Hambly/Stephen Davies 
3  Robert Wright/Jake Vicars
4  Martin Grice/Damon Hughes                                                                     

Men 3
1  Leigh Foster/William Haynes
2  Christopher Burke/Stephen Parry
3  Lewis Brown/Charlie Pickering
4  Cameron Long/Matthew Wreglesworth
5  Anthony Aisher/Steven Harries






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