Match Report for 2016 Nottinghamshire Ladies 40’s Division 1A

Monday, August 22, 2016
Match Report for 2016 Nottinghamshire Ladies 40’s Division 1A

We play to win but Division 1 was just too good for us this year.

We started with so much optimism. I was delighted to welcome Caroline Milns to the team, an excellent singles player coming in at the number 1 singles slot, so we felt that we were well placed to play in division 1 this year.

We had a squad of 7 (Lisa Knowles, Caroline Milns, Jackie Thompson, Gina Ofield, Kathryn Hales, Aldona Greenwood, Sarah Usher) giving us the privilege position of putting out a team of 5 each time. However, the optimism didn’t last long. We were struck with injury. Firstly me (Lisa-captain) with back problems meant I couldn’t play for 6 weeks. Then Gina with a wrist injury, and finally Aldona returning from a shoulder operation. So our squad of 7 became 4, and with holidays and family commitments, we sometimes struggled to get a team.

Nevertheless, we embraced the matches and played our best. We were in Division 1 so we knew it was going to be tough, and it was!

Our first match was home v Hertfordshire.

Caroline had a fantastic win against Brigid Amos who was a 5.1, and beat her 2 sets to 1. Well played Caroline. I had a very close match against Miranda Hosking, but lost 3-6, 4-6.Over all we lost the match 4-1.

Our second match was also home v Middlesex. Jackie Thompson played her debut singles against Anneka Els  and won 2 sets to 1. As Jackie doesn’t play singles very often, her rating is 10.2, and she beat a 5.2 rating! Well played Jackie. Again over all we lost 4-1.

The rest of our matches were away.

3rd July v Yorkshire.                         Notts Lost 5-0 But special mention to Kathryn & myself for an awesome doubles match, we lost very closely 7-5, 7-5 against Joanne Wright and Gillian Kilner.

17th July v Buckinghamshire         We Lost 3-1 and 1 conceded by Notts due to availability. Special mention and thanks to Wendy Scalinger to step in and help us out when we were short and play the doubles with me. We appreciated it and well played.

31st July v Sussex.                             We Lost 5-0

I’d like to say a big thank you to Kathryn Hales who played in every match and commitment to the team is commendable.

And also to Caroline Milns who played the singles extremely well

But as always, despite the losses, we have great team spirit and great team effort, we always have fun, which is the most important thing.

Division one was just too good for us. We will enjoy Division 2 next year so much more.

Thanks for being a great team guys.

Lisa Knowles (captain)



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