Aegon Under 10’s Boys County Cup

Friday, June 06, 2014

The Under 10 boys county team travelled to Lincoln, Eastgate Club on 31st May / 1st June to play against 4 other counties.  They came a commendable second to Warwickshire.

Team :  Rhys Biro-Moore,  Haydn Oakes, Isaac Morris, Kade Straker Meads and Haydn Oakes (Rhys is missing from the photo unfortunately)

Day 1
Notts v Lincolnshire 6-2
Kade v William Cheer lost 0-4 1-4
Isaac v Max Jones won 4-2 5-3
Rhys v Joseph Mackney won 4-1 5-4 (10-3)
Isaac/Rhys v Max Jones/Joseph Mackney won 4-2 4-1

Notts v Warwickshire 2-6
Kade v Luca Pow lost 2-4 0-4
Isaac v Leon Wallis won 5-4 (7) 5-4 (5)
Rhys v Harry Lazell lost 2-4 1-4
Rhys/Isaac v Harry/Leon lost 0-4 1-4

Day 2
Notts v Leicestershire 4-5
Isaac v Rio Birchnall  won 4-2 4-1
Hayden Oakes v Matthew Mckinnon lost 3-5 4-2 (8-10)
Rhys v Louie Fletcher won 4-2 1-4 (10-6)
Rhys/Hayden v Louie/Matthew lost 5-4 1-4 (9-11)
Same players competed in the shootout lost 8-10

 Notts v Northamptonshire 6-2
Kade v Samuel Underwood won 4-2 4-0
Hayden v Joseph White lost 3-5 4-2 (5-10)
Rhys v Henry Grayson won 4-1 4-2
Isaac/Kade v Henry/Joseph won 2-4 4-2 (10-5)

 The overall winners from the weekend were Warwickshire.  They had a strong team and performed well.  The Notts boys competed hard and we came second from the five counties. 

We had some great matches over the weekend and had a very close tie against Leicestershire on the final day.  The matches were great to watch and the Nottingham boys performed well and showed good team spirit and fought well in all of the matches.  A big thank you to the parents for your support and commitment over the weekend!

 James Cale (Captain)







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