Mens Over 60’s Report for Summer 2015

Thursday, September 03, 2015
Mens Over 60’s Report for Summer 2015

Mens Over 60’s Report for Summer 2015

Oh dear, it's relegation for our men's over 60s team! Division 1 has proved to be a little tough for us this year. In mitigation we were struck by injuries (always a problem as we 'mature') and the loss of some players to the over 65 team.

In our defence, although the final scores may suggest otherwise, some of the matches were close, for example our 4 - 1 loss to Buckinghamshire could easily have been reversed had not lost all three championship tie-breaks; in fact in the five matches played we lost six out eight championship tie-breaks!


Herts 4 Notts. 1        (two tie-breaks)

Notts. 4 Cheshire 1    (two tie-breaks)

Kent 5 Notts 0           (one tie-break)

Bucks 4 Notts 1        (three tie-breaks)

Essex 3 Notts 2        (no tie-breaks but their doubles pair were ridiculously good)

Congratulations to the young Nick Lodge who won three out of his five singles (it is heartening to witness at first hand that players throughout the country find his style of play as confusing as we do) and to the following who have also given their time and bodies to the cause: The ever-youthful Gerry Radford, Barrie Hayes-Gill (who's still not happy about his windscreen), Dave Hogg (yes, Dave Hogg...thanks Dave) and the one and only John Taylor.

It's a pleasure to spend time with such people. Despite our unfortunate season team morale remains high and we are determined to bounce back into Div. 1 next year; however, if some of you younger ones would like to hurry up and get older we'd appreciate it, we need more over sixties!

Finally, having visited The Polo Tennis Farm in Canterbury to play our match against Kent, we will never again take for granted the excellent facilities and hospitality of West Bridgford Tennis Club who were kind enough to allow us to host our home matches there.

Jim Stubbs  (Captain)



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